Our 15-passenger vans have been very popular with non-profit organizations such as churches and schools.
We currently work with over 50 local churches and over a dozen schools on a regular basis.
Here are just a few of the churches that rent frequently:

  • Free Chapel
  • Common Ground
  • Eastside Church
  • Irvine Sarang Church
  • Branches Church – Huntington Beach
  • Bridge Church (formerly Mission Hills Church)
  • North Hills Church
  • Christian Harbor Church
  • Abund New Life Church
  • Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
  • Calvary Chapel
  • Mountainview Church
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Disciple Community Church – Irvine
  • Saint John Maron Church
  • Formosan Presbyterian Church
  • Saint Verena Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Village Church
  • Centro Christiano
  • Faith Worship Community Church
  • Church of Amazing Grace
  • Academic Faith Church of Orange
  • True Love Community Church
  • Newhope Assembly of God
  • Vineyard at the River
  • Westminster Christian Assembly
  • Harbor Christian Fellowship Church
  • Christ Pacific Church
  • Hino Valley Community Church
  • Kingsfield Church
  • Beachpoint Church
  • Chino Valley Community Church
  • Evangelical Formosan Church of Irvine (EFCI)
  • El Evangelio Eterno
  • Family Church
  • Spirit Christian Academy
  • Shepherds Grove Church
  • Geneva Presbyterian Church
  • Hands of Mercy
  • Saint Joachim Catholic Church & School
  • Temple Calvario Church

Here are a few schools that use our vans regularly:

  • Capistrano Valley High School (CAPO)
  • Vanguard University
  • Bolsa Grande High School
  • Bechman High School
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Mission Viejo High School
  • Fountain Valley High School

We also work with various Wedding Planners and Sports Teams.

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