Advantages of Living in Small Towns

Small town amusements can be so charming. In a town of close to 33,000, I’ve seen one movie theater, a bowling alley and a honky tonk down by the railroad tracks. Nacogdoches is off the beaten path but I think that’s what the locals enjoy most.

Hours from a major airport, it required a 4-hour bus ride with an expensive cab fare just to reach the gate at Houston’s Hobby Airport. Car services have just arrived for the residents of a town with few transportation options.

Cows, pick-ups, tractors, ranching, horses, stock ponds, piggin’ strings: all part of the territory in Deep East Texas. If a rodeo is not in town, there’s one nearby. For riding or roping athletes, it is the only sport invented and developed in Texas and has a huge fan base throughout the Lone Star State.

People are so nice in Texas that you think they’re trying to sell you something. Over and over, I kept having encounters with folks and thinking, “Do I know you?” They are just really friendly in the south and once you get used to it, you start to enjoy the open feeling of visiting so freely with strangers.

Residents who’ve spent entire lifetimes in this town end up in cemeteries that hold annual homecomings. Entire communities gather to share potluck dinners, enjoy fellowship, and clean, repair and respect its kins’ final resting place.

The real estate bubble didn’t burst here because it never expanded the way it did in places like the West Coast. The banks were too conservative to make the risky loans. There are few foreclosures and housing prices have remained steady through the years while most of California took a nosedive.

Instead of coffee shops, there’s a church on every corner-mostly Christian. Two services are held on Sunday and one on Wednesday night-same as always. Not much changes in these small Texas towns but then, everything does.

In a world that gets chaotic, here you see plenty of long-term marriages, people living their whole lives without plastic surgery as well as active farms and ranches. Young people that say “yes ma’am” are refreshing in a way that is hard to put into words.

There is a relaxed sense of community at local gatherings and events. A recent blueberry festival/quilt show/farmers’ market was very well attended given that the heat index was in the triple digits.

Source by SL Daniel

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