Attractions and Travel Guide to Newcastle

Newcastle is situated in the North East of England. The city played a major role during Industrial Revolution of 19th Century. It was one of the leading coal mining and manufacturer of heavy industries in during that time. Shopping areas and sightseeing are very famous.

The largest shopping area is Eldon Square shopping centre and is the largest city centre shopping complex in UK. It includes one of the largest Marks & Spencer stores outside London and John Lewis store as well. The other famous stores include Apple, Guess and Hollister. The largest Tesco store in UK is also located on the outskirts of Newcastle at Kingston Park.

Tourist Attractions

Visitors arriving to this destination have long list of places to be visited. Tourist attractions here include the steam train rides which are available at Bowes and Tan field railway station. Not only are this but there plenty of entertainment options at the trendy Customs House which houses theatrical shows on regular basis. Some of the major tourist attractions include:-

Customs House – This is one of the major entertainment places and leisure complexes which is housed in a historic building. With state-of-the-art cinema, theater, a large gallery area, a bar/restaurant. All the year there are exhibitions, theatrical performances, dances, concerts, festivals and many other seasonal events.

Segedunum – It is a historic site close to part of Hadrian’s Wall. Attractions here include a museum with many Roman artifacts and hands-on displays, excavations, a tall viewing tower, a café and a gift shop.

Path Head Water Mill – This water mill dates back to the 18th century and is in full working condition. It features woodland walks, scenic views, picnic areas and exhibitions.

Tan field Railway – This railway stations was build 300 years ago and is world’s oldest railway station. Tourists enjoy with world’s oldest steam locomotives, travelling through valleys and visitors’ centre and seasonal events.

Shields Ferry Cruises – The most pleasant and relaxing ways to see many most striking waterfront attractions, general heritage and impressive landmarks, is by boat. Regular evening cruises on board take place from the South Shields Landing and the cruise includes a buffet. Daytime cruises include interesting commentary.


You can reach to the city by air, train and bus. Newcastle International Airport is located approximately 10 km from the city centre near Ponte land and is the larger of the two main airports serving the North East. It is connected to the city via the Metro Light Rail system and it takes around 20 minutes to reach city centre.

This airport serves more than 90 destinations all over the world. Central Station in the city is the first covered railway station in the world. Trains operate at half hour frequency to London from here and you can reach to major parts of London without any hassle.

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