Kerala Tourist Attractions – What to Expect?

They do not call Kerala the country of God for no reason. The deep and integrated relation of Kerala with nature is reflected in everything you do in Kerala and hence it got the name. There are many tourist attractions in Kerala. One can not simply have enough of Kerala. For getting the most from your Kerala tourism, plan the trip in advance with much time slots allotted to different activities and ample time dedicated to enjoy the different places.

Among the most attractive items of Kerala Tourism are the Kerala backwaters and houseboats. Kerala is also famous for hill stations. Another aspect of Kerala tourism is related to pilgrimages. The state has many places of worship for two major religions in India – Hindu and Christianity. Most of the population of Kerala is Christianity which is supposedly to be brought in by the aggressive work of missions in the state. As one can expect more than half of this population belong to people who converted from Hindu to Christianity and from Muslims to Christianity. This fact makes it a must visit place for people of Xian faith as there are many beautiful churches all over the state. Most of the churches also have beautiful galleries showing stories from the life of Jesus Christ.

Kerala backwaters and houseboats invite a large number of tourists from all over the world. They offer you time to interact with nature in all its glory. You can take a cottage on rent for your group or you can share a room on one with others. With Kashmir turning violent over the past decades, many cottage lovers have now switched to Kerala as their destination instead of Kashmir. Some people have their own houseboats that they give out on rent when not using it for own.

Backwaters are essentially the sea waters that entered the Kerala mainland by way of floods but did not get a way back when the floods receded. Being in more than one place, the backwaters are interlinked by natural and manmade canals to make sure there is ample water through the year. Over time, the water's salinity has reduced and now the waters are also used for irrigation purposes. But the main reason why they are one of Kerala tourist attractions is that you get to travel using the backwaters to witness the wild flora of Kerala. You can book boats that carry you through the interconnected backwaters that also are rich in aquatic life.

Among the other Kerala tourist attractions are the many wildlife sanctuaries. There are both bird and animal sanctuaries, including tiger reserves. Tigers are going extinct according to some studies. The state government while creating protected sanctuaries for tigers, also made it possible for tourists to view the animals via a jeep ride or elephant ride – something like a safari. Other than the tigers, these sanctuaries are famous for wild bucks, bison, lizards of different kinds, frogs and other types of multicolored amphibians. The bird sanctuaries in Kerala lets you view birds from all parts of the world, especially during the winter season.

Source by Lusi Grre

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