Australia Tourist Attractions – Top 6 List

Tourist attractions of Australia consist of:

Gold Coast

The name says it all. This is located in such a place called South East Queensland, where good weather prevails throughout the year. Whether you travel with your friends, partner or family, you can enjoy pleasant weather whenever you go there. Some of the noticeable features of this place are:

i. Happening night life

ii. Surfing canals

iii. Well connected canals

Therefore, you will get a wide array of features in Gold Coast throughout the year so that you can enjoy the environment with your partner / friends / family members.

Kakadu National Park

One of the best features of this place is that it has a wide range of aboriginal cultural sites. In the northern territory, this park is situated. Now, a significant aspect here is the presence of the total number of cultural sites present. The total number stands at a staggering 5000. It should be stated here that this number is the recorded one. There are many unrecorded sites too. One of the specialties of these tribes is that they are living in the same place for a long time, a period of over twenty thousand years.

Ocean Road

It is one of the best places for those who want to savor the beauty of nature. Heavenly scenic beauty can be seen from this place. Total stretch of the ocean road is 243 kilometers. This beautiful road is located along south eastern coast of Victoria. A tourist will like this place because of the scenic beaty along the entire stretch of the ocean road.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta – A National Park

Uluru-Kata Tjuta is sometimes considered as the heart of the continent country. In the northern territory Uluru-Kata Tjuta, a national park is situated. This is not only a national park but a World Heritage Living Cultural Landscape too. Most of the travel centers across the world put this place in t itinerary of the travelers of Australia. Uluru-Kata Tjuta is basically a sacred place of the aboriginal tribes of Australia. Therefore, this place is a must visit for all the tourists of Australia.


This city is located in the Victoria state and in terms of land area it is the 2nd largest one in Australia, coming only after Sydney. Melbourne is the cultural capital of this country too. Many aspects are special about this place and they are:

1. Excessive love for sports, especially cricket

2. Restaurants in this place are of high quality

3. Perfect place for shopping

Royal Botanic Gardens

This place is a beautiful place, where you can spend lots of time without getting bored. It is one of the main attractions of Sydney. If you want to visit this place, the following details will be beneficial for you:

i. Free guided walks can be done in the morning, starting at 10.30am. On certain days, this is not done and those days are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.

ii. Café as well as restaurant

iii. Experiencing ride on Choo Choo Express

iv. Mrs. Macquarie's Chair

v. Government House

These are the best tourist attractions in Australia.

Source by Koushik Giri

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