Natural Facial Cleansing and Skin Moisturizer You Can Try

Just one question for you, “why is your skin still prone to acne?”… I bet you don’t have a good answer for me. Don’t tell me it’s a family skin thingy, you’re the problem! You might have tried out different facial moisturizers and still no good result. You’re sick and tired of trying them out. Well, I understand that feeling, I’ve been in that situation.

I had an acne prone skin, quite oily, I used to say it was a family skin problem. I started searching for solutions to my problem. Read different articles, reports, searched online, different stories, different ideas, contradicting opinions etc. I realized the importance of checking product ingredients before purchasing them. Some of these ingredients might not be good for the skin (that depends on your skin type). They can cause more harm than good, some don’t even make a difference on your skin.

Then I came across natural oils as replacement for regular, commercial moisturizers. I was really skeptical about the natural oils. Anything that had not been made for oily skin made my face look terrible once I started the treatment, and thinking of intentionally rubbing oil onto my usually acne prone skin seemed like a horrible Idea

Since my skin looked really dull, and the wrinkles became stronger due to the dryness around my eyes, I just thought about giving it a shot, it couldn’t possibly get worse than I already looked.

And you know what? IT GOT BETTER!

Now this is what I did and what you need to do for facial moisturizing and cleansing:

  • Wash your face with pure olive-oil soap, no additives whatsoever
  • If you need a peeling, take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix it to a paste with a bit of water. Rub this lightly across your face, then rinse it off thoroughly
  • to moisturize your skin, use organic Sesame Seed Oil, massage a few drops into the skin, then use a few more drops of Organic Jojoba Oil and massage it into the skin as well (in the morning use filtered Jojoba oil as it is lighter, and at night use the gold, thick Jojoba Oil for extra moisturizing benefits)

Applying this method would make your face feel relaxed and regain a healthy glow, there should be no problems with acne or clogged pores anymore. The trick is that the oils you massage into the skin keep your skin from overproducing sebum. Sesame Seed Oil is a great carrier for Jojoba Oil and helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Jojoba oil is especially good for the skin as it apparently is very much like the sebum your skin produces. Sesame Seed Oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that seem to work well with occasional pimples. At least I haven’t had problems using this oil.

You don’t need much of these oils which makes it a lot cheaper than buying these overpriced, chemical-laden creams. Other people with different types of skin use other oils on their skin, some use castor oil, some almond… the possibilities are endless, and I think you just need to find something that your skin will like!

Source by C. Ihebom

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