Discover a Little Bit of Everything of the Attractions in Germany

When it comes to attractions in Germany, you can bet that there is always something special bound to happen for every tourist. It is not only the largest country of Central Europe but one of the most visited and most loved European destination because of the many tourist attractions it has to offer. It's very seldom for you to come across a negative review from tourist as most of them had experienced an interesting, exciting and pleasant time while in Germany. Because it is located in the heart of Europe, it became the hot spot for many tourists who want to experience what Europe is all about.

Before booking your ticket to go sightseeing in Germany, it is always best to research and make yourself a guide on which attractions in Germany you want to visit. With so many tourist spots, attractions, activities and festivals in the country, most tourists find it hard to visit all of them with just one travel. In such cases, planning and listing the priority attractions that you want to see would be a big help. For example, if you are traveling with your kids and you want to make your trip trip extra special in their eyes then devote a whole day in visiting Movie Park. It's not just an ordinary theme park located in Bottrop-Kirchellen but it also has real movie studios as an attraction.

Your Germany trip will never be complete without going to the capital of Germany – Berlin. Among all the Berlin attractions, you should never miss out on the famous Berlin Wall. It played a significant role in history as it stood as the division from other territories during the Cold War. The wall signifies the reunification and had reinvigorated Berlin. Nowadays, the wall became a metropolis of diversity. You will find a lot of shops, art galleries, cafés, elegant clubs and restaurants of all sorts in the area. If you do not want to be in a metropolitan area, then the best attractions in Germany that you can go to where nature is at its best is Walchensee. Marvel at the sight of the Alpine lakes and dwell in the serenity of the surroundings of Lake Walchen.

Nuremberg on the other hand would satisfy your desires on German history and architecture. A reconstructed old town that includes the famous Gothic Kaiserburg Castle, this town will give you an idea of ​​how Germany was in the olden days. You can also visit the rally grounds of the Nazi party in this town. These are just some of the attractions in Germany, there's a lot more left to be discovered!

Source by Michael T. McCall

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