Attraction Vs Manifesting – Is There a Difference?

What vibration do you feel when you hear the word attraction? What images come into your mind? What vibration do you feel when you hear the word manifesting?

While I can not tell what is on your mind I can tell you that I have asked this question to many. Most people have a sense of waiting and jumping associated with the word attraction. However with the concept of manifesting comes a feeling of power and creation.

I would have to agree. When you move into the state of manifesting you are constructing with the universe what is unseen. That state of being requires a deep state of believe in your true nature. You know that what is outside of yourself is first manifested on the inside and you do not go looking for the effect. Instead you create it by being the cause.

You are The Center of Your Universe

What you are experiencing in your life is a creation of your inner mind. At any time you can choose to create differently by implanting a totally new dynamic inside of you. You can bring into physical reality what is not there. You do not focus on the attraction part of it. As a matter of fact you could care less if it shows up. And, because you are content to create in your inner world without worry of seeing it in the physical world, it shows up.

Become a Manifesting Star in Your Own Life Movie

You can learn to take the process of manifesting seriously by first learning as much as you can on the subject. Reading impresses the knowledge deeply into your subconscious mind. The more you immerse yourself in this knowledge the easier it becomes to manifest your desires.

Create Do not Wait

Attraction leaves you waiting, it places the focus outside. While on the other hand manifesting places the attention on you, the inner central you. The soul of the magnet is that place deep inside of yourself that you so often avoid.

Source by Daniel Hinds

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